How to find an accommodation in Toronto?

This is the big question I hear all the day. You’ll find here by order of preference, the different accommodation websites to find a place to live.

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Toronto apartments for rents


Kijiji : it's a very good place to find a roommate / rental.

Roomgo : Only to find a shared appartment, but there is less activity than Kijiji.

You maybe heard about Craiglist , I personally banished this website because of the scams and very strange people you can find.

Where do you want to live ?

If you’re looking for something in Toronto, there is more activity on King / Queen Street rather on the West side, but everything is relatively accessible once you’re in Toronto (inner ring).

If you’re looking for the cheapest I advise you to take accommodation outside Toronto even in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), but you have to keep in mind that you’ll have to add the price of public transport if your goal is to go in Downtown every day.

What kind of accommodation?

Condominiums : also called condos on the advertisements, these are buildings with an access for residents in the basement like a laundromat, a gym ...

1 Bedroom + Den: This is an apartment with a bedroom and a Den (a room which is a little smaller than a bedroom and without window). It is common for Den to be fitted out as a bedroom.

Basements : This is a basement of a house converted into an apartment and generally, you don’t have a window to the outside. When you’re visiting this kind of accommodation, always check the ventilation of the apartment and the room bathing as well as insulation (this could have radical consequences in the future especially in winter).

What price?

In Toronto city, it’s possible to find roommates on the east / west side between 700 and 1100 $ per month when you’re lucky. But if you’re looking to live in downtown you can easily reach $ 1,500 / 1,800 per month. These prices are constantly increasing due to the number of new arrivals every year.

The differences you can see with your country

You always pay two months when you rent an apartment: the first and the last month. Here, tenants usually don’t ask for a deposit check. But this practice is more generalized these days, so be careful if you have a deposit check to be officially recognized (a proof like signed papers).

In Canada when you rent something there is a commitment called the “lease” (date established with your tenant) and you’re engaged to stay until the end of your lease. However, it’s common and easy to have someone take over the lease.

My advice:

Before choosing where you want to find accommodation: take the time to discover Toronto by yourself by renting an Airbnb, a youth hostel for several weeks. This will give you time and prevent you from making bad decisions.

The most important thing for you is to choose a place that you like the most. You have to take into account that if you take a more distant accommodation, you’ll have to pay public transportation and add an amount of $ 150 per month. Here is a map to help you understand the areas mentioned in the ads you find.

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