How to find a job in Toronto

Arriving in a new city, in a new country ... It's quite a program! And for good reasons, maybe you already speak the language or maybe you’re not yet familiar enough with English. Do not worry ! Remember that the 2 official languages ​​of Canada are English and French, you’ll inevitably find your happiness (if you speak French too)! Also take into account that more than half of the people living in Toronto come from abroad. I therefore give you as much information as possible to start your search.

In the street

Yes you’re not dreaming! A big part of jobs such as waiter, cook, cashier or even diving are available directly in the street by posting on shop windows with the little note "We're hiring!" You can also give your CV directly to shops / restaurants / bars to show your determination to find a job and explain that this is part of your Work Holiday Visa. Remember, however, that there are some specifics on certain jobs.

Waiter: you’ll generally be required to have previous experience as a waiter, especially in popular streets like King St. or Queen St. This tip job can be quite popular so it’s highly possible that someone with more experience comes before you. You can also start as a "Dishwasher", then when you have proven yourself, you’ll be promoted as a waiter.

The SMARTSERVE : for establishments serving alcohol, you’ll often be asked before taking your CV if you’re SMART. It has nothing to do with your skills. In Ontario, to serve alcohol you must pass a certificate on the internet (Many languages are available I assure you). It costs around thirty dollars and can be done in 2 packed days. If you want to know more about it: here is an article.

Ads on the internet:

If you’re looking for jobs in your field, I recommend a list of websites to go to consult every day. Don't worry to make your job research easier you can create an automated research that give you a daily update of new ads posted in the field you’re looking for.

  • Indeed

  • LinkedIn

  • ZipRecruiter

  • Google Job

I don't speak English what kind of job is for me?

Do not worry ! Depending you’re language there is some facilities looking for other language or some job where you do not really care about the level of language (like dish washer for example).

Be everywhere ...

Suscribe on Interim agency websites, this will only increase your chance to help you find a job faster:

  • Adecco

  • Randstad

  • Kelly services

  • Bilingual Recruiters

  • Bilingual One

  • Manpower

  • altisHR

Facebook ads (in French)

Toronto has had a large turnover of French every year since the WHV became popular. Some who leave the country and seeking a succession by posting an advertisement on a Facebook group. This is how I found one of the jobs I work for:

Mobile applications:

There are mobile applications that allow you to find a job or just replace an absent person for a shift (for a day). Take the opportunity to prove what you worth. If the experience went well, maybe you can ask directly to work for the person in question.

  • HYR: personally tested, I got a job as assistant chef with this application

  • 7 shifts

  • Victory Agency

  • Canada Jobs

Create your own opportunities:

Toronto is a land of opportunities; don’t be afraid when you go for a job interview if your English is bad. There is one chance on two that the person in front of view was in your shoes years ago. For your diplomas, even if they are French and not Canadian’s they will prioritize your real skills. For engineering jobs, to judge your skills, you’ll be given an exercise in the field for which you’re applying. If you’re self-confident and confident in your skills, everything should be fine.

If you apply all of these tips, you’ll see how much the job search itself is a full time job!

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