How to change your driver's license in Canada (French)

That’s an important question ! Your driving licence is not valid at all times in Canada, it can vary according to the provinces, and it will then be necessary to exchange your license for a local to continue driving.

The validity of the French and Belgian license is 6 Months in Quebec and 60 days in Ontario. After this deadline, it is no longer recognized as a permit.

In Ontario, for example, you’ll be asked to pay $ 90 CAD to get your license.

In addition to that, you’ll be asked to provide a proof to validate your years of driving in France (here the paper), there are two cases:

  • In France: Send the document to your prefecture where you passed the permit

  • In Canada: fill out the document and then return it by email to your prefecture, which will either send you the document by mail or by email. You’ll then have to stamp this document at the French consulate.

Once all this is done, all you have to do is go to the Ontario service (validating the permits) or driving center to exchange your French permit for one from Ontario.

That's it you have finished all the steps! It should take a good 2 weeks at Service Ontario to get your license!

Your driving licence will be sent to the French prefecture, as part of your possible final return to France for you to collect it.

If you need more insights for your country don't hesitate to let a comment !

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