A stroll through Toronto's Christmas Market

Every year, the Toronto Christmas Market appears in the Toronto Distillery Market. I went for the first time at the end of December to this place which used to welcome a lot of people. Lucky me (or not), the place was less crowded than usual, most certainly due to the temperature of -14 ° C (felt -22 ° C!).

I start my way by enjoying the general atmosphere of the market. As soon as I enter, I am dazzled by the numerous garlands hanging on the red brick buildings. In addition, many small shops are lined up along alleys in small wooden chalets: offering both culinary specialties and Christmas gift ideas. While walking through these stalls I let myself be carried away by the different smells: sweet, chocolate, coffee as well as cheese.

The cold is biting my face and my appetite tormenting my stomach, I decide to stop at a stand to order a Tornado Potato. It is a fried potato cut into a twist on a stick and dipped in a sauce. The cold being too intense, I take refuge in a shop to eat my well deserved due.

Continuing my way on the market, I stop for a moment to listen to a choir on Christmas carols, one more chance for me to work my vocabulary on the holidays! Further on, I can see two adjoining chalets representing France and Canada. The first offering raclette sandwiches from which a strong odor emerges hiding the smell of Poutine from his neighbour. In another corner, I see a wheel where few people wait due to the bad weather, finally I continue my way to join a building presenting works of art of all categories: paintings, sculptures through abstract art… everything is there! On leaving this building, I decide to have a mulled wine in a chalet hidden on a street corner. The smell of spices and fruit is pleasant and warms me up.

Lost in my thoughts, I receive a message from French colleagues being around and offering to join me. I decide to wait for them in a cafe at the entrance in a more than pleasant setting. Finally reunited, we decide to take a last tour of the market and dine in the first restaurant that we come across in order to have a good time in a warmer atmosphere!

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