15 places in Toronto to get free things on your birthday

Because of many requests, I decided to create an article on what you can get for free on your birthday in Toronto. Obviously, this list is not exhaustive and I only put the things that you can get for free straight away during your visit without conditions (need to bring guests, only discount...).

There are a few places where you only need to bring your ID to get a freebie:

  • Denny’s: get an Original Grand Slam breakfast.

  • Rainbow Cinema or Magic Lantern Theater: a free ticket. But watch out, sometimes this would not apply to all movies, call to check.

In Toronto, most of the places can offer you a birthday if you to sign up first. To be sure to obtain your freebie, register at least 1 week before your birthday.

  • Starbucks, but also all small cafe’s with a loyalty system like Page One for example.

  • Chatime: free drink.

  • Boston Pizza: free dessert, free pizza on registration birthday.

  • David’s Tea: free tea.

  • Harvey's: free burger.

  • Marble Slab Creamery: free ice cream.

  • My Panera: free pastry.

  • South saint burger: free burger.

  • W burger bar: free burger.

  • The works: free burger.

  • East side Mario: free dessert.

  • Benihana: 30 dollars to use at Benihana.

  • Taco bell: a free meal on your birthday.

On my birthday, I tested 4 of these things including free breakfast! It’s really worth it ;)

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